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Extend your property portfolio

Get more properties to sell!

Are you the real estate agent who has all the right customers but not the right properties? Sometimes things are turned on their head. You have the clients but you cannot offer them anything that they are interested in. The client has told you all their requests, but your portfolio just doesn’t contain the one property that the customer is looking for.

It might be the way you are selling, or the clients that you are getting. But in all honesty, we know what sells the most. It is when the client steps into the property, and immediately has a glimmer in their eyes; This is it!  Knowing your customer, and being able to show them that property is your goal, and why waste your time if you know you can’t show them what they want?

By extending your portfolio you have a greater chance of picking out that perfect property for your client. We work with several of the most used property sharing networks on the Costa del Sol, where properties are updated daily. Be the first to know and be the first to show!

A selection of the platforms we can integrate with your site: