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Share your properties with the world

Increase your sales!

You have a graphic profile set for you company and are looking to utilise your online presence in the most efficient way possible. You might be new to online marketing, or you have tried to use Google Ads or boosted some posts on facebook, but you feel like it’s paying itself off. The following paragraphs are for you!

Marketing online is not only time consuming, but you have to stay updated everyday to get the most out of it! There are thousands of ways to push out ads on the internet, but how can you be sure you are not just wasting your money by showing your ads to the wrong people? Even though you might be seeing some results on your marketing, how do you know if it is the best you can do?


Know your market and set up goals towards it that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and trackable. 


Determine the most valuable online marketing channels, build a strategy and start adverting with confidence.


Constantly keep track of your campaigns and make improvements as you learn about your audience and their needs. 

Very simple right!? It is if you go with us. Let’s have a coffee and we will tell you more! Meanwhile, take a look at the marketing tools we recommend for our Real Estate Clients:

  • Share your properties on numerous online portals for exposure on overseas markets. Some of the platforms we can display your properties on:

  • Get customers by advertising towards your target audience on Google.
  • Increase sales by adverting on Facebook and Instagram
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Be the first result when people search on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Set up an automated educational email for your potential clients to grow trust and show them the properties you have been waiting to sell.
  • Set up an automated monthly newsletter, displaying new properties for sale and latest from the blog
  • We help you design and print your physical marketing campaigns

A quick call and we will set you up with all you need to enjoy your online marketing sales!